For the City

The artistic activity of the Teatro dell'Argine has always been tied with social and civil themes. As the performances of the Company born looking at world around us and at the past and recent history, in the same way, teaching activities cross these themes and act concretely in social issues. Of course, every path is studied considering the individual needs and the users to which it addresses.

Over the years, many workshops has been structured to face various issues related, for example, to discomfort and social fragility, psychological and physical - often in collaboration with experts - investigating and addressing specific themes such as social and family distress, bullism, racism, drugs, disability; others workshops has been dedicated to foreigners children, teens and adults (from migrants looking for a job to political refugees) to support and promote intercultural dialogue; other workshops, still, have been designed with the aim of spreading within children issues of particular importance, such as environmental education or civil coexistence.

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