Since the very first day, we’ve been a lot. At the beginning of this adventure, in Spring 1994, we were around twenty. And everyone, as it is normal, dealt with everything. You played, and set up scenes, and organized, and did the cleaning up...
Today this hasn’t changed too much. Some of the twenty ones changed their life paths, jobs, hometowns, but more came along. Mostly young people. Today it is difficult to say how many people we are. There’s a fine line between who’s in and who’s out. And we like this. 10 founders are still in; the stable working group including artists, technicians, organisers and managers is made up of 25 people; we get to 40 including collaborators, mainly teachers of the many workshops we organise and actors of our many shows touring Italy.
In these years being many has been a luck. We’ve cared about each other, got behind each other, supported and incited each other. We’ve had the opportunity to follow our natural inclinations and gradually build up a high-level professionalism in different fields: we produce shows both for adults and for children, organise festivals, work in schools and perform theatre animations, imagine projects acting between social and cultural ground, never forgetting we’re artists. In other words, going for a dream we’ve worked up to here.

Teatro dell'Argine Società Cooperativa Sociale | Sede legale via dei Gelsi, 17 | 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena - BOLOGNA | P.I. 02522171202