Rifugio Europa

The Project

a project of cultural exchange among young people
by Teatro dell’Argine
in partnership with Association NBV in Skellefteå (Sweden)
October 2011-January 2012
with support from Programme Youth in Action of the European Commission
and under the patronage of the Swedish Embassy in Italy


Rifugio Europa comes from the collaboration between two intercultural groups of young: one based in Italy and composed by young Italians, migrants and political refugees participating to Teatro dell’Argine’s theatre workshops; one based in Sweden and composed by young Swedes, migrants and political refugees participating to theatre projects with Association NBV in Skellefteå.
Main project activities are:
  • intensive theatre workshops in both countries, involving both intercultural groups, with a final performance open to the audience;
  • premiere of the two final performances at the Festival Storytelling 2011 in Skellefteå and at ITC Studio in San Lazzaro di Savena;
  • a video research, lead by the participants themselves, with the aim of portraying the migrants’ life in their cities;
  • production of a short documentary from the collected video materials.


Theatre workshops lead by Pietro Floridia (IT) and Rose-Marie Lindfors (S)
The intercultural groups (composed by Italians, Swedes, migrants and political refugees from different countries) deal through theatre practice some crucial questions connected to migration, political asylum and problems that young migrants have to face living in their welcoming countries.
The work gets inspiration from Franz Kafka’s novel The Castle: this is the well-known story of K., the stranger arriving to a village to work as a land surveyor at the Castle, who will never be allowed even to get into the building. Kafka’s masterpiece, full of extraordinary characters, is a particularly interesting starting point for a reflection on the figure of the stranger and the issue of meeting. Some fragments of the novel will be compared with newspaper articles, photos and video regarding significant current events and personal life experiences of some participants.


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