The Project

Training intercultural theatre-makers for a diverse Europe
co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme
KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
the action benefits the financing of the European Union
a project by Border Crossings (Ireland), The Théâtre du Soleil (France), Teatro dell'Argine (Italy), The Fence (Sweden)

The project CRE-ACTORS will facilitate the exchange of best practices between key organisations working in collectively created theatre that engages with social and cultural diversity, internationalism and minority communities. It will also provide rigorous and carefully recorded evaluation of the practices shared between the organisations, so as to offer their staff, volunteers, associated partners and the sector more broadly a robust and proven set of methodologies for work in this significant and growing area.

The project partners for CRE-ACTORS are all organisations working in vocational and educational training for theatre and in theatre-making, and are aware of these as socially and culturally significant activities, with the power to affect shifts in attitudes and the cultural atmosphere. They perceive an urgent need to develop training approaches that encourage new theatre forms and dramaturgies responding to the rapidly shifting context of an increasingly diverse Europe, with the overarching strategic aim of social inclusion.

All of the partners are committed to social inclusion as an ideology: it is there in their policy statements, the way the organisations are run, their combination of theatre-making and education as the bases of their work, and the nature of the work they produce. There are three theatre companies in the partnership – Théâtre du Soleil, Border Crossings and Teatro dell’Argine – all making performances which are collectively devised by people from diverse backgrounds. The fourth partner is The Fence – a Swedish-based international network of dramaturgs, equally committed to theatrical and VET practice that operates at the intersection of cultures. The project aims to bring together their specific professional approaches to socially and culturally inclusive theatre in an exchange of good practices, so as to develop further their creative and VET work as a space of social inclusion.

The project will be built around three staff training courses, led by the three theatre-making partners. Each of these will involve 17 staff from across the partnership, and will also engage at least 10 participants from associated partners in their localities, including diverse community groups, refugee and migrant organisations. The courses will serve to train participants in the specific approach that each partner organisation has developed to collectively created, intercultural theatre. There will be a particular emphasis on the different ways in which the partners develop their work, the relationships they create with diverse communities, the methods they follow to turn intercultural dialogue into performance, the modes through which those performances are presented, and the use they make of wraparound activities with diverse communities.
The Fence will mainly lead on the Evaluation and self-evaluation aspects of the project.

As well as the courses and evaluation, this process will lead towards tangible results that will be published online: a project blog and a Good Practice Fusion Report, in the form of an e-book.


On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021 the project partners meet in Paris in order to arrange the following workshop, that will be held by Thèâtre du Soleil in the historical Cartoucherie Theatre.
From Monday 26th to Saturday 31st July 2021 the project partners meet in Paris, hosted by Thèâtre du Soleil. The workshop, led by Dominique Jambert and Vincent Mangado (Soleil Ensemble), is focused on intercultural devising techniques.
On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th April 2022 the partners meet in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) in order to arrange the following stages of the project, with special focus on the following workshop, led by Teatro dell’Argine.
From Thursday 26th to Monday 30th May 2022 the partners meet in Bologna in order to work on the practices used by Teatro dell’Argine in intercultural collective creation. A special focus is drawn to the processes involving both professionals and non professionals, as well as specific participatory theatre formats, developed along 28 years of field experience.

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