Micaela Casalboni

Micaela Casalboni

Responsible for international and intercultural projects
Teacher theater workshops for teenagers and beginners
Artistic Director Company Teatro dell'Argine
Vice President
Micaela Casalboni is an actress, a theatre teacher, responsible for international and intercultural projects and co-art director of Company Teatro dell’Argine (www.teatrodellargine.org), which she founded along with other twenty artists in May 1994, according to a project that is artistic, cultural, educational and social.
Over the years, TdA has deeply rooted in its territory, while at the same time giving rise to projects and activities in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. TdA’s project winds along four main lines, to support and promote intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, memory and reflection on contemporary times, active citizenship, audience engagement and an idea of art for social change:
1) production and circulation of shows;
2) artistic direction of 4 artistic venues: Municipal Theatre of San Lazzaro ITC Teatro (over 30,000 spectators a year in more than 250 opening days), ITC Studio (place for workshops, rehearsals, performances); ITC Lab (circus tent for different artistic actions); Teatrobus (a small theatre built in a former city bus);
3) artistic workshops and seminars (over 7,000 students a year, professionals and non-professionals, 3 to 80 years old, from many different countries and cultures, inside and outside schools);
4) special projects, on a local, national and international level, among which many intercultural projects (Crossing Paths - EU Culture Programme; Acting Diversity - Anna Lindh Foundation; Lampedusa Mirrors - Tandem Shaml programme; Feel Free(dom)! - Tandem Turkey programme; The Promised Land - Erasmus Plus programme; Acting Together #WithRefugees - in partnership with UNHCR; Exoduses - intercultural group of young aged 15 to 25, coming from 20 different Countries, including asylum seekers and political refugees; exchanges with Poland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, Brazil, Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey).

Thanks to these activities and to a huge network of more than 200 institutional and private partners in the most diverse projects, TdA has become a point of reference on the national and international level, not only concerning the artistic production, but also the creation and implementation of special projects on/in intercultural, social, and educational issues/contexts.

As an actress, Casalboni played in many TdA shows in Italy and Europe (Tiergartenstrasse 4-Un giardino per Ofelia, Pane Quotidiano, Liberata, I cavalli alla finestra, Pitùr, Casa del Popolo); as a teacher, she leads theatre workshops with teenagers and adults of all ages, cultures, backgrounds, both professionals and non-professionals, in Italy and abroad. She is also regularly involved in workshops and seminars in the frame of masters organised by Bologna University, Departments of Education Sciences and Disciplines of Art Music and Show.
Her contribution to the art direction goes along several ways, but mainly in creating and implementing the international and intercultural art projects, as well as contributing to the creation of projects and shows of participatory theatre: Sulle dita di una mano (2009), Viaggio attraverso l’accampamento mondo (2010), Poetandem (2010 and 2011), Le Parole e la Città, which celebrated the company’s 20th anniversary in 2014; the Italian-Tunisian co-production L’Escale 32, which premiered in 2015 in Matmata, toured various cities in the South of Tunisia and opened the Festival Les Journées Théâtrales de Carthage in Tunis; the project and show Futuri Maestri, which, between 2015 and 2017, involved more than 1.000 kids and teenagers, artists from the most different disciplines and numerous partners and institutions on Bologna Metropolitan area and all over Italy.

Together with the company, she won or was finalist in many awards over the years.
Among the last ones:
  • the “Hystrio” Award of the “National Association of Theatre Critics” in 2006;
  • the “Ubu” Special Award for the “Trilogia dell’individuo sociale” by Mario Perrotta in 2011;
  • the “Camillo Grandi” Award for the intercultural theatre activities involving asylum seekers and political refugees in 2012;
  • the “National Association of Theatre Critics” Award for Project Ligabue in 2015;
  • the “Nico Garrone” Award for the show Le Parole e la Città in 2015;
  • won the “Ubu” Award for the Best Artistic or Organizational Project for Project Ligabue by Mario Perrotta, and was finalist in the same category with Le Parole e la Città in 2015;
  • won the “National Association of Theatre Critics” Award and was finalist in the “Ubu” and “Rete Critica” Awards for the project Futuri Maestri in 2017. The project was also awarded with the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic;
  • won the “Eolo” Award for the project Futuri Maestri in 2018.

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