The Promised Land

The Project

co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme
KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
the action benefits the financing of the European Union
a project by Border Crossings (UK), Teatro dell’Argine (ItalY), i2u Consulting (France), Museums, Collections and Art Galleries of the City of Oldenburg (Germany), Adana Science and Technology University (Turkey)
September 2017 - August 2019
The project The Promised Land - Intercultural training with refugees and migrants, in the frame of Erasmus + programme, involves, along with Teatro dell’Argine, Border Crossings (London, United Kingdom), i2u Consulting (Toulouse, France), Museums, Collections and Art Galleries of the City of Oldenburg (Oldenburg, Germany), the University of Science and Technology of Adana (Adana, Turkey).  
The project, which includes transdisciplinary and transcultural working and exchanging sessions in the partner Countries, was created in response to the Voices of Culture platform on the role of culture in promoting the inclusion of refugees, promoted by the European Commission in 2016.
This process clearly showed the urge to activate transnational and trans-sectorial learning opportunities, in order to foster dialogue and an active and fruitful coexistence among old and new citizens in Europe.
Through a strategic partnership between organizations that work in the fields of education, culture and the business sector, these are the aims that The Promised Land project works to achieve:
  • to share smart practices, innovative approaches and proven methodologies to work with new citizens and minorities, thus building the capacity of different organizations and sectors to respond to an immediate and pressing need;
  • to adapt and apply innovative practices relating to learning and teaching methodologies in the context of migration;
  • to adopt a cross-sectoral approach, so as to apply learning from educational and cultural providers to the business sector, and vice-versa, generating more modern, dynamic, committed and open professional environments; in which new citizens are able not only to develop as integrated citizens, but to which they are also able to contribute positively, precisely because of their specific experiences and identities.

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From January 15th to 19th 2018, the project partners are in Adana, working with experts from the Science and Technology University on a training programme including: lessons on cultural intelligence, the Turkish legislation on immigration and the current situation of refugees in the Country; meeting local NGOs’ workers and knowing more about their work on the field; meeting young refugees from Syria studying at high schools and University.
From April 24th to 28th 2018, the project partners participate in a training programme organized in San Lazzaro and Bologna by Teatro dell'Argine. The programme includes: practical and methodological training activities, related to artistic and educational work involving new and old citizens, meetings with experts from different fields and with migrants and refugees living in the metropolitan area, many of whom involved in local projects.
From June 18th to 22nd 2018, the mobility at Border Crossings aims at training on the educational use of theater as a tool for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.
From March 3rd to 9th 2019 in Oldenburg, the partners have the opportunity to see how the City Museums, Collections and Art Galleries have made these spaces the meeting places for refugees and migrants.
From May 13rd to 17th 2019 in Toulouse, the i2consulitng corporate training agency shows partners how to apply their intercultural skills to facilitate the integration of refugees and migrants in the business sector.



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The e-book

The e-book The Promised Land: Intercultural Learning with Refugees and Migrants is now available.
The e-book, edited by Dr. Efe EfeoĞlu e Michael Walling, explores the reflections, the advices and the best practices generated by the project. Thanks to this report it is possible to have a complete overview of the Promised Land project, structured around four chapters (the contexts, the disciplines, the tools, the responses) and final policy recommendations.
You can read the e-book by clicking here.

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