Feel Free(dom)!

The Project

Feel Free(dom)!
A theatre and video project about freedom
in partnership with Tiyatro4 (Turkey)
in the frame of Programme Tandem Turkey, an initiative of European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V. and Anadolu Kültür (Turkey), with support from Stiftung Mercator (Germany). 
June 2016 – September 2017
Freedom. What does it mean being free? Are we all free in our societies or is somebody freer than somebody else? Freedom is an idea that belongs to everybody, it’s something that everybody talks a lot about, in its name we act and fight; yet, it is so hard to understand, frame and clearly define it.
Actually, how can we define such a wide concept, an absolute ideal? How can we shape something that, by its very nature, has no shape? How does the idea of freedom change according to different people, contexts, places where we live? Does absolute freedom exist? 
That’s how we would like to try and find an answer to all these questions.
5x50. Five questions, always the same five, asked to one hundred persons who are different by age, gender, culture, background in Italy and in Turkey, to try and find out what are the things in common and what the differences between the two Countries and between single human beings.
The interviews, conveniently translated and subtitled, will be the basis content of all other project activities.
Two workshops involving theatre professionals and non-professional theatre students in both Countries, to sound out the effectiveness of theatre as a tool for dialogue between ages, cultures, generations and competences.
Two exchange workshops on artistic, cultural and organizational methodologies, experiences and working tools among European and Turkish artists and cultural workers.
Two communities mirroring one another beyond the borders and dialoguing through their artists at the time of crisis and turbulence.
An investigation performed with theatre and video making tools inside different communities – children, teenagers and adults from different cities and nationalities – to understand what “Freedom” means and how such an abstract concept can be translated into concrete and powerful actions, people, contexts, relationships.
A documentary about this investigation and the whole journey, collecting the images of the rehearsals and performances in the two Countries and the words of the protagonists.


The project intends at the same time to activate exchanges of techniques and methods for training of cultural managers and to question local communities about their own contradictions and frustrations, dreams and needs; it aims at identifying specific beneficiaries to closely work with, but also at ensuring that all activities have an impact on their communities, by raising questions and inspiring food for thought.
The interviews
Starting point and material for all the project activities will be one hundred interviews about freedom, realized in the two Countries involving people who are different by age, gender, culture, background. 
Five questions, always the same five, to find out and compare what are the things in common and what the differences between the two Countries: What does freedom mean to you? What does other people’s freedom mean to you? When do you feel you are not free? Do you think there is someone freer than you? How would you describe freedom using one word?
The interviews will be video recorded, translated and subtitled, and will represent the basis for theatre workshops in the two Countries and for the final video documenting all the work phases.
Interviewing people from different backgrounds and education in the two Countries is a way to have many voices and represent many different points of view, in order to fight stereotypes in the perception of “The Other” and mass media simplifications, that are so frequent in these turbulent times. 
In Italy we interviewed:
Patrizia Palermo, former La Perla textile factory employee
Zine Labidine Jahabli, stage technician
Giuliano Gasperini, lover and cultivator of beauty and human exchange 
Ilaria Neppi, Teatro dell’Argine’s friend
Davide Ramenghi, child
Luca Di Costanzo, Roman free spirit and theatre lover
Elena Buccoliero, non-violent movement
Oscar De Summa, theatre director and thinker
Federica Primavera, researcher at CERN
Nicola Fattibene, European Commission official
Marco Macciantelli, actor of “Gli amici di Luca” theatre company
Leila Paselli Strizzi, child
Massimo Buganè, hopes to be a good person 
Massimo Battisti, director of welcoming center Opera Padre Marella San Lazzaro
Claudia D’Eramo, Deputy Mayor of San Lazzaro di Savena Municipality
Stefano Lipparini, doctor and atheist
Lucia Bonini, Secondary School teacher 
Carlo Mainardi, High School student
Naira Cocchi, High School student
Carlotta Gruppioni, astrophysics and mum 
Bruna Bacci, known as Alida, over centenarian lady
Don Pino De Masi, anti-mafia priest
Karis, human being
Antonella Cosentino, High School teacher
Annalisa Malagoli, worker and life lover
Paolo Vincenzi, notary
Alessandro Gallo, writer and theatre playwright dealing with civilian issues
The workshops
  • Derya Efe and Kagan Uluca from Tiyatro4 Izmir will lead a ten-days workshop in San Lazzaro di Savena at ITC Studio around end of March and beginning of April 2017. The workshop will involve six professional actresses and actors and fifteen non-professional theatre students of Teatro dell’Argine. Starting point of the workshop will be the vision and analysis of the interviews about freedom collected in Turkey, which will be then elaborated using theatre tools in order to build a final performance open to general audience. What do we have in common? What does keep us apart? Is freedom an absolute or a relative concept? The final show will be performed by professionals and non-professionals together.
  • Giulia Franzaresi and Lea Cirianni from Teatro dell’Argine will lead a ten-days workshop in Izmir, at Tiyatro4 venue around end of June and beginning of July 2017. The working structure will be the same as in Italy: six professional actresses and actors together with fifteen non-professional theatre students from Tiyatro4 will be involved in the workshop and in the final performance open to the audience and created starting from the Italian interviews on freedom. 
The exchange workshops
In the same workshops days, meetings of workers from Tiyatro4 and Teatro dell’Argine are organized, to exchange artistic, cultural and organizational methodologies, experiences and working tools. The placement of each partner in the partner’s Country is also the occasion to visit the hosting organization and get a clearer idea of cultural life and artistic opportunities of the partners’ city and Country.
Video documentary 
All project steps – interviews, workshops, performances and exchanges – are filmed and edited in a documentary, that will be shown in the final event of Tandem Turkey Programme, in Ukraine in September 2017. The film will be also shown in Izmir, San Lazzaro di Savena and hopefully in many more cities, with the aim of raising awareness among participants and their communities on the project issues.
Tandem Meetings
In the Tandem programme, an important role is played by meetings involving all 10 partner Tandems, i.e. the representatives of 20 artistic and cultural organizations from Europe and Turkey. Meetings are occasions for discussion, working on projects and training for cultural managers.
First meeting was in Şirince in June 2016; kick-off meeting of single projects was in Berlin in September 2016; interim meeting is in Cappadocia in March 2017. The final event will be in Ukraine in September 2017.


San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) 
from March 30th to April 9th 2017 at ITC Studio | Workshop with actors and educators from Teatro dell’Argine.
from March 30th to April 9th 2017 at ITC Studio | Workshop with theatre students from Teatro dell’Argine.
April 9th 2017 at 19.00 at ITC Studio | final workshop performance open to the audience.
By Tiyatro4.
from June 24th to July 4th 2017 | Workshop with professional actors and theatre students from Tiyatro4, with final performance open to the audience.
By Teatro dell’Argine.

Issues and contents

The project’s main challenge is facing the issue of freedom starting from personal experiences, witnesses, opinions and emotions of individuals from local communities in the two Countries, Turkey and Italy. From both sides, it’s necessary to start breaking stereotypes and prejudices about “The Other”, to foster mutual understanding.
In such turbulent times in the two Countries, the universal issue of freedom seemed the right catalyst of energies and and effective impulse to express thoughts and actions, with the help of theater and video making tools.
Theater as a tool to promote mutual knowledge and respect and as an effective means of self-expression and communication; broadening and deepening the professional skills of the two partners’ teams; listening to communities and translating their opinions and needs into theatre representations in both Countries: these are the main objectives.
In this sense, next to workshops and theater performances, the video documentary, disseminated in the local institutions and associations and made available on the Internet, will be crucial to ensure the widest diffusion of these contents.


Tiyatro4 is a theater company based in Izmir, strongly rooted in its territory thanks to the many expressive workshops for teenagers and adults. Tiyatro4 has a wide network of experienced workers in different art fields (filmmaking, cultural mapping, set design), working closely with the company members.

Tandem Turkey

Teatro dell’Argine and Tiyatro4 had the opportunity to meet in the frame of Tandem Turkey programme, an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V. and Anadolu Kültür (Turkey), with support from Stiftung Mercator (Germany). 
The programme fosters training for cultural managers and the creation of tandems, i.e. partnerships between two cultural or artistic organizations, one based in Europe and one in Turkey. Each tandem applies for a common project, which is evaluated and eventually selected to receive a grant for its implementation. 
Feel Free(dom)! by Teatro dell’Argine and Tiyatro4 was selected along with other nine projects, conceived and realized by organizations based in Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and, of course, Turkey.
Know more about Tandem Turkey here.
Know more about other Tandem projects here.


  • 2 partner organizations, Teatro dell’Argine and Tiyatro4, with their artists and organizers.
  • 6 Turkish and 6 Italian theatre professionals
  • 1 group of Turkish and 1 group of Italian non-professional theatre students, involved in theatre workshops and in the final open performances.
  • 50 people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds, involved in interviews in Italy and 50 people in Turkey
  • Local communities in Italy and Turkey, involved to foster knowledge and discussion on project topics in order to fight prejudice and break down stereotypes in the two Countries.


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