Workshops for children and young

The Project

Theatre workshops by Teatro dell'Argine
kids and teens from 3 to 18 years old
Why. Theatre is an incredible tool towards fun and learning with children and teens of all ages: playing with improvisation and creation of stories and characters; feeling free to invent and wear different masks; learning that even playing has its rules and the most you respect them, the most you have fun; discovering yourself, while learning more about your body and voice, and learning how to play and create together with others.
Who for. For everyone! Introverts and extroverts, left-handed and ambidextrous, everyone is welcome! Groups are formed according to the age of participants, so that the path is as homogeneous and natural as possible.

Workshops 3-5 years

Theatre to feel safe and risk at the same time, to move and have a rest, to reflect upon themselves and open up to others. Through body expression and activation of sensorial and perceptual capabilities, the work allows children to explore and discover the world around them. Objectives of the workshop are to foster development and construction of the self through the magical world of theatre and imagination; allow children to explore the many theatrical forms of expression, while defending their imagination and their right to express; allow them to leave their personal sign in time and space, starting from their own experience and using fairy tales and fantastic stories as large boxes to hold and transform it. Workshops use imitation games and acting games, which play an important role in the affective, cognitive and social development of children, in order to gradually get to theatrical dramatizations of invented situations or of renown fairy tales and folk heritage of various countries and traditions.

Workshops 6-10 years

Theatre is a wonderful world where you can learn that there are rules you have to follow, but also rules you can invent; a magical place where you can have fun in building new fantastic worlds and share your fantasies. Since playing is the main form of children’s expression and theatre a proper space for imagination, theatre becomes children’s opportunity to transform their game time into a beautiful reality of self-expression.
Workshop objectives are to improve self-esteem, autonomy, communication skills, respect for rules and self-control; to live the game of theatre as a tool for self-knowledge and education to coexistence; to enable creativity in the individual and in the group, so as to increase dialogue, mutual respect and group cohesion; to take children through exploration of codes and rules that do not limit the discovery and development of their individuality, but that can help their growth. The attempt is to make learning creative and engaging, to help self-knowledge, perception of the other and the world around them, awareness of the expressive possibilities of their body and voice.

Workshops 11-13 years

Purpose of the workshop is to gradually attain awareness of the expressive and communicative potentialities of body, gesture, motion. Through development of imagination, space awareness, body perception and musicality, boys and girls will open up to the discovery of themselves. It’s not just about acquiring theatrical techniques, but being invited to awaken their expressiveness, get personally engaged, discover and share the ability and desire to play, to tell their stories and listen to those of others.

Workshops 14-18 years

Theatre to grow up and become adult, in a society where “playing” is generally identified with childhood as opposed to the more "serious" adulthood... Reading, acting, inventing, creating together: this is what makes theatre a world where playing is still possible, but where, at the same time, the final result, the show, originates from a “serious” harmony of different purposes and ideas. This is what makes theatre not only a funny opportunity of learning, but also an educational model for a more pleasant social coexistence.

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