Awards and first times


First tour

First tour: Noccioline, Della Nanna e della Pippa and Intrichi d'amore debut at “Formello palcoscenico città” (Rome) for Rome Summer festival


Artistic Direction ITC Teatro

June, 29th 1998: The Company wins the competition for the art direction of ITC Teatro


Finalists at Ubu Award

Finalist at Ubu Award (the Oscar of Italian theatre) for the first time with the script Italani Cìncali!, by Nicola Bonazzi and Mario Perrotta, running as best Italian novelty


First time abroad

The Company is invited abroad for the first time: Pane quotidiano debuts on the prestigious stage of Sophiensaele, historic Berliner theatre


Hystrio Award winners

September, 21st 2006: Teatro dell'Argine is awarded with Hystrio - National Association of Theatre Critics Award 2006


Acknowledgement by italian Ministry of Culture

Jenuary 2008: The Company is acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Culture


First Sustainability Report

Genuary 2009: The Company presents its first sustainability report

Hystrio Award for dramaturgy

June 2009: Odissea by Mario Perrotta wins Hystrio Award for dramaturgy


First european project

February 2010: The Company obtains its first European grant


5 shows in 5 festivals

July - October 2011: The Company is present at 5 important Italian festivals with 5 different shows. Atto finale - Flaubert at Festival di Andria (Bari), La stagione delle piogge at Volterra Festival (Pisa), Report dalla città fragile at Le vie dei Festival (Rome), I cavalli alla finestra at Underground Theatre Festival of Arad (Romania) and Bollettino del diluvio universale at Festivalfilosofia (Modena)

Ubu Special Award 2011

December, 12th 2011: Trilogia sull'individuo sociale by Mario Perrotta wins the Special Ubu Award 2011


Camillo Grandi Award

June, 15th 2012: The Company wins the Camillo Grandi Award for its international and intercultural theatre projects involving asylum seekers and political refugees


Ubu Award 2013

December, 9th 2013: Mario Perrotta – Teatro dell'Argine's actor, director and playwright – wins the Ubu Award 2013 as best actor for Un bès – Antonio Ligabue, ex aequo with Carlo Cecchi


Twenty candles

The company turns twenty. To celebrate, it creates Le Parole e la Città (The Words and the City), a show of participatory theatre, written by three thousand people and interpreted by one hundred and fifty actors.


Teatro dell'Argine becomes an artistic residence

With the approval of the Regional Council of Emilia-Romagna in 2015, Teatro dell'Argine qualifies as an artistic residence, a new category of the Italian Ministry for Culture.

Nico Garrone Award 2015

July 31st, 2015: Le Parole e la Città wins the 2015 Nico Garrone Award, assigned to masters or events "that have been able to give positive impulse to theater, theater culture through festivals or shows, essays or international collaborations".

Critics' Awards ANCT 2015

October 1st, 2015: Ligabue Project wins the Critics' Award 2015 of the National Association of Theatre Critics.

Ubu Award 2015

Ligabue Project wins the Ubu Award 2015 for the best artistic or organizational project. In the same category, among the finalists, Le Parole e la Città.


Future Masters receives the medal of the Italian President of the Republic

May 4th, 2017: Sergio Mattarella awards Teatro dell'Argine with the medal of the President of the Italian Republic for the project Futuri Maestri (Future Masters).

ANCT, UBU and Critical Network Awards

December 12th, 2017: Future Masters wins the Critics' Award 2017 of the National Association of Theatre Critics.
The project is also a finalist in the 40th edition of the Ubu Awards for the best curatorial project, and in the 2017 edition of the Critical Network Award for the best project/organization.


Eolo Award

May 3rd, 2018: Future Masters and Rainbow Theater projects win the Eolo Award 2018 for the best cultural and educational project.



May 9th, 2020: Teatro dell'Argine wins the Max-Brauer-Preis 2020, the prize that the German Alfred Toepfer Foundation awards every year to individuals or organizations that shape the cultural, scientific, artistic or intellectual life of Hamburg with their commitment. In particular, the Foundation decided to assign this award to Teatro dell'Argine as a contribution to help the company preserve its work, defined as "an exceptional curriculum of artistic excellence, creativity and inclusiveness", which could be put at risk by the CoViD-19 emergency.


Premio Rete Critica

December 4th, 2021: Politico Poetico, a project by Teatro dell'Argine, wins Premio Rete Critica «for the ability to create an organizational network and complex and wide-ranging paths, in communication and collaboration with public institutions, which makes theater (and its possible digital transformations) a political and social tool capable of intervening in the urban fabric; with a specific evident in one of the most fragile moments of life, adolescence»

Premio Innovatori Responsabili

December 13rd, 2021: Emilia-Romagna Region awards Premio Innovatori Responsabili 2021 – Rights Duties category and the Ged Award to Teatro dell'Argine for Politico Poetico for the following reasons.
Rights and Duties Category - 1st Classified
The greatest act of social responsibility is to invest ideas and resources to accompany our children along the bumpy path of becoming aware of their responsibilities, but also of the many talents with which that responsibility can be transformed into passion and a sense of citizenship. The Theater has won the bet. GED Gender Equality And Diversity Award
For the strategic choice of working on the sensitivity and protagonism of adolescents and of giving voice to their visions and proposals for a more just, equitable, inclusive and respectful of diversity with innovative methodologies, non-formal education paths and theatrical practices.

Premio Ubu 2020-2021

December 13rd, 2021: Teatro dell'Argine wins the Ubu 2020-21 Special Prize with Politico Poetico. «With Politico Poetico, the Teatro dell'Argine has been able to listen to the desires, talents and frailties of boys and girls aged fourteen to twenty. Involving over five hundred teenagers from the Bolognese area, the working group led by Nicola Bonazzi, Micaela Casalboni, Vittoria De Carlo and Andrea Paolucci has deployed a prodigious organizational machine to carry out an impressive project in two parts: Parliament, a series of actions on the issues the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, which involved young people in reflections and research on the environment, work, economy, inequalities, cities, communities, peace and justice; and Il Labirinto, a virtual reality show that collects fourteen visual and sound experiences as evidence of the most critical side of the relationship between young people and the city. After the award-winning projects Le Parole e la Città (finalist at the Ubu 2015) and Futuri Maestri, exploring the lights and shadows of a difficult and wonderful age Politico Poetico crowns a twenty-year journey during which the Teatro dell'Argine has brought with obstinacy, sensitivity and competence the theater outside its designated space, to make it detonate in the whole community» (motivation of the Jury).

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